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Cable TV in Ames, Iowa, aims for greatness. DIRECTV actually achieves it.

When it comes to your home entertainment, you really can have it all with DIRECTV – not cable TV.  From movies to the latest in news and sports, the world of adventure is at your fingertips.  No need to settle for second-rate service from providers that give you just enough to satisfy you.  Go with the provider that gives you what you want, while going far beyond your expectations.  On top of the variety, you’ll also have a hard time finding deals as sweet as the ones offered by America’s most requested satellite television provider, DIRECTV. 

Regular cable keeps you occupied, but DIRECTV’s excitement will keep you captivated in amazement, and depending on where you’re located, it won’t cost you a dime more to experience the difference of DIRECTV.  Discover the power and reliability of DIRECTV’s great deals and upgrades so that you can enjoy it all just the way you want it.  Catch the daily news in 1080p HD clarity or check out the original series programs like True Blood.  From 3D to DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service, DIRECTV puts you in the director’s chair.

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